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Pick My Brain for Your Brand©
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A Global Marketing-Brand-Public Relations Expert has set aside a few hours a month to assist Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Visionaries on how to establish brand relevance and distinguish their name in various industries and among customers.


Hallema Sharif, Owner and Chief Brand Officer of Hallema's World Inc., an Atlanta based Marketing/PR Consultancy, originally established in New York, is offering an affordable incentive for the small business and entrepreneurial community.


Pick My Brain for Your Brand” in order to maximize your Greatest Potential, is a hands-on lecture series offered to Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Start-Ups, and those seeking advice to develop or enhance their brand marketing efforts.  You will be able to savor your palate with lunch provided by a Gourmet Connoisseur who is originally from New Orleans and managed one of the world's top food conglomerates in New York!  

Please also keep in mind the program also affords you the opportunity to attend the Virtual Webinar Series as well as in-person One-on-One Sessions at an even lower rate than the Lunch N Learn lectures.

To learn more about the program please click here to request additional information and/or for someone to contact you.   

To register for an upcoming event, webinar, or one-on-one session, click the tabs to the right. To learn more about becoming a member of the monthly Small Business Membership Program,  click here.


We Look Forward to Helping You Connect Your Brand to Humanity!

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Pick My Brain for Your Brand
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We Look Forward to Helping You
Connect Your Brand to Humanity!