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Communications/Marketing/Public Relations


I’ve always believed in simplicity and oneness. I’ve always thrived on spiritual being, family values and advocate daily that we are Beings before we are categorized by groups, which means we share values that naturally unite us. We are entitled to explore and embrace all things within our Universe. If we take the time to understand those communal values that connect us, remove the politics and ego from our lives, and focus on the beauty and spirit of our being, we can be unified as we should be. As a collective force, we are more than members of a mass population, we are partners and believers of an interest aimed to jointly uplift one another. As we cultivate, we embrace communities within society, and we network with other beings of our collective consciousness so that each one of us, will continue the journey to reach one of us, and that voyage just might bond all of us. I’m a compassionate being who understands that each one of us have a responsibility to our fellow man and woman.


As a seasoned communications expert, I’m able to connect globally and think beyond the box, which never really existed. I naturally and psychologically connect with brands, missions, thoughts and people in order to build strategic programs that will not only address the core values for organizations, but will harmoniously create a world impact for its audiences. I also value my writing as it travels beyond the corporate norm, digging deep into intellectual psyche tailored for all audiences. And because of this unique skill set, I’m able to cautiously tailor words, thoughts and/or concepts that will not offend anyone, but engage them into embracing the mission of an organization, concept, person or idea! One Love! 

~Hallema Sharif~






“I’ve known Hallema for more than 23 years and have watched her develop her talent which comes from her God-given ability to connect with people. She has a ‘Can do, won't stop until I deliver my best’ attitude and does her work with style and integrity.  She’s aggressive while never losing touch with her humanity and delivers effectively in our industry with a unique personal approach.”

Charles Schaeffer

Executive Producer



“Hallema has been a delight to work with from day one at the American Lung Association. She handles all situations and challenges with ease, and collaborates well on projects. She also has a positive and upbeat attitude that cannot be matched. I have no reservations recommending her!”

Samantha Mills
E-Newsletter Manager



“Creative and enterprising, Hallema could always be relied upon to generate media magic - earning placements through her network of contacts and her tenacity. Despite the lack of resources, she always delivered. Personally, I always enjoyed working with her, as she is one of those (rare) people who isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and take on a challenging project. Even better - she does this with a smile. Hallema would be a great asset to any team!” 

Todd Whitley
Vice President, eMarketing

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

 “Business is about building and maintaining successful relationships, and Hallema is a natural at it. Her disarming sense of humor immediately puts people at ease--the first step toward building trust and open communication. But she's also a keen listener, a critical client service skill that's equally important when working with the media. If you're looking for someone who knows how to navigate the landscape, Hallema's the one.” 

Lidj Lewis
Visceral Media

“Hallema was a wonderful colleague who was very easy to work with, creative and an excellent problem-solver.” 

Adam Dictrow
Divisional Vice President

MultiVu, a PR Newswire Company

“Hallema's a strong manager, with in-depth knowledge of the media market and very strong national and local contacts. She's also incredibly outgoing, upbeat, cheerful and has a knack for instantly making contacts into friends.”

Alexander Petti
Fine Art, Portrait Artist

“Hallema is a talented media/public relations professional. She is intelligent, creative and energetic. She’s established and maintained successful relationships with print, broadcast media professionals and key opinion leaders. She recognizes the importance of good media and public relations to help organizations gain visibility, credibility and competitive advantage. As a Media Relations Manager at Medialink, she always put the client first and assured their messages were communicated effectively. She’s truly a great asset.”

John Brunello
Financial Advisor

UBS Financial Services Inc. - Alpha+ Group - US Private Wealth Management

“Hallema is driven by perfection. Her professional attitude and abilities have served her well in this industry.  I am sure that she will be an asset to any company that she joins.”

Harriet Raghnal

Winston Johnson Raghnal & Associates, L.L.C.


“Hallema is great at building and nurturing business relationships -- she's a master networker, and has established incredible contacts with regional, national and international media. She always maintains a level-head and professional manner under the most difficult of circumstances. Hallema is a true pleasure to work with!” 

Paula Cox

Seasoned Communications/Media Consultant


“Hallema is a consummate public/media relations professional. She gives careful attention to both the clients' needs and those of the media outlets. She counsels and guides clients to optimize the value of a broadcast campaign. She builds ongoing relationships with media outlets and provides them with the information and experts they require for their audience.”

Faith Ballantine-Armonaitis
PR Professional